Solid Timber Floorboards

Natural durable hardwood that can be sanded and finished on site. Australian and imported species available.

Benefits of Solid Timber Floorboards

  • Timber floorboards add value to your home.
  • Solid floors can be re-sanded and finished over time.
  • Floorboards are easy to clean.
  • Solid timber floors are durable and hard wearing.
  • Wide range Australian and imported species available.

Our range of Solid Timber Floorboards Timber Species

See our range of different species and textures of Solid Timber Floorboards below:

floorboards alpine ash

Alpine Ash

floorboards australian beech

Australian Beech

floorboards blackbutt


floorboards brush box

Brush Box

floorboards chestnut


floorboards copper cherry

Copper Cherry

floorboards Flooded (Rose) Gum

Flooded (Rose) Gum

floorboards Forest Reds

Forest Reds

grey box floorboards

Grey Box

Grey Gum floorboards

Grey Gum

floorboards Grey Ironbark

Grey Ironbark

floorboards Jarrah


floorboards Karri


floorboards Kempas


floorboards Merbau


floorboards Messmate


floorboards New England Oak

New England Oak

floorboards Red Mahogany

Red Mahogany

floorboards Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum

floorboards Stringy Bark / Silvertop

Stringy Bark / Silvertop

floorboards Sydney Blue Gum

Sydney Blue Gum

floorboards Tallowwood


floorboards Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak

floorboards Turpentine


floorboards Wormy Chestnut

Wormy Chestnut

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