As Directors of Mr Timber Floors & Yena Developments which originated in 2001, Mario and Michael have been in the Construction and Flooring Industry for more than 20 years. As Registered Buildering Practitioners and affiliated with the Master Builders Association, they initially started their careers as Carpenters and are passionate about their trade. Together both Mario and Michael operate Mr Timber Floors.

Initially opening their first Melbourne based Showroom in Heidelberg West in 2004, a small shop front, which quickly gained recognition for being family owned they then required Mia and Sophy (Mario and Michaels better halves) to enter into the Family Business to help it grow.

As the Timber Flooring Industry is rapidly growing with new products and installation requirements, the boys have educated themselves in Grinding and Levelling and researched the best possible products to service what is now mandatory from Manufacturers. This has become a major part of their business and their team is now involved in many Commercial & Residential projects.

Not limited to just Timber Flooring, as Builders their business has become a one stop shop for customers. In this time, Yena Developments have been providing clients with custom designed New Home Builds which are all 6-star energy rated, Unit developments, Plans & Permits, Extensions, Renovations, Kitchen & Bathrooms.