When owning a property, the main concern for any owner is to add value to their property while keeping it protected. There are many ways and options when it comes to adding value, however, some can cost more money than others. One easy and effective solution (and won’t break your budget) is installing timber floors.

Not only timber flooring is considered to be the preferred flooring option, but it also improves the value of your property.

Need assurance? Read on to learn how timber floors add value to your property!

Timber Flooring is a preferred flooring option in Australia

Recent US real estate research showed a significant increase in popularity of installing timber flooring across properties in recent years. This trend has made its way to Australia where it’s showing an increase in demand for timber floors installation. Australians are mirroring the global trend and attitude of timber floors. We have seen a significant number of property owners wanting to install timber floors just to improve the resale value of their properties.

Timber flooring is a smart investment

Not only timber flooring feels luxurious and looks beautiful, it’s also easier to clean and lasts for years. Timber flooring gives warmth and a cosy feeling and will add friendliness within your property.

Wood flooring also matches a variety of styles. Whether you like traditional or contemporary designs, timber flooring allows you to redecorate your living space without having to go through costly renovations.

Comparing to carpets, on the long run, timber flooring is a cheaper investment. Carpets will probably need to be changed every 7 – 10 years, however, with timber flooring, sometimes it lasts a 100+ years depending on the quality of installed floors.

Where floors matter most in value?

If you can get away with carpets in the bedrooms, buyers these days are mostly looking for timber floors in the main areas of the property such as the living room and hallways. It is also important to make sure that you have consistency throughout the property as it’s really what matters the most.

It is also recommended to keep one type of flooring throughout your property as it drives a lot of buyers away when they see multiple flooring types across the house.

An Eco-friendly option

If you’re concerned that timber flooring is not an environmental-friendly option, we’re happy to let you know that there are plenty of options of green timber floors that come from sustainable sources. Bamboo flooring, for example, is attractive, durable and environment friendly.

There are also plenty of timber floor options that come with an eco-stamp approval. Farmers are engaging in sustainable harvesting practices and making sure that whatever is used is always replaced.

To sum it all up, it is hard to exactly predict what flooring (other than timber flooring) will add the most value to your property, however, it is obviously clear that buyers prefer timber flooring over carpeting.

So, if you’re in the market for a budget-friendly and sustainable carpet replacement, we would advise you to consider timber flooring as it adds so much value to your property and it would be the right investment for you.

If you’re still unsure, get in touch and discuss your options with our professionals.